Medical Weight Loss Services - Should I Follow a Doctor's Recommendation

Medical Weight Loss Services - Should I Follow a Doctor's Recommendation? Medical weight loss isn't just liposuction or weight loss drugs. Those are last-ditch, short-term solutions and a sure way to get fat permanently. It's doctor-directed weight control based on established medical, scientific principles which aim to identify and target the underlying causes of weight gain and obesity to bring about and sustain a weight loss in the long term. For some, it works. For others, it doesn't. Before undergoing any medical weight loss plan, it's essential to determine and meet realistic goals. Goals should include an initial consultation with a doctor, who will evaluate and identify your personal medical history and potential risks. Then, you'll need to create a personalized, realistic weight loss plan with realistic weekly and monthly goals and an achievable, specific timeline. Goals and daily schedules are crucial for success because they keep you motivated and tra
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